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26 April 2019, 1pm, Village Hall UofI Planning Team, Rt.67/17 downtown redevelopment -- FINAL REPORT

4 May 2019, Firemen's Pancake Breakfast

6 May 2019, Village Board Meeting, 7pm, Village Hall

Viola Community Food Pantry - Methodist Church, 1st Tuesday of the month: 9 - 11am; 3rd Thurs of the month: 1-6pm. Visit the Community Food Pantry on Facebook.

Third[yes! 'Third'] Cemetery Newsletter available in photo gallery along with the gravesite map. New Newsletter New cemetery map kiosk at cemetery entrance. Cemetery FaceBook page available at

Full posters loaded into the Around the Village Photo Gallery Album

A Message from the Mayor -- Suspicious Activity
September 6,
Just in case you haven't been seeing much news lately.

Suspicious activity has been increasingly widespread in smaller communities. Colona Illinois has had car break ins; a car was found in Matherville stolen from Rock Island and they think they ditched it and stole one from Matherville .

It is not really in our culture here to lock up and take keys out of our vehicles or lock our homes at all times, however we should be doing what we can to protect ourselves and not present ourselves as easy targets.

Please discuss with friends and family to do the same. For some reason it looks like smaller towns are being targeted at the moment Thanks Kirk

Board minutes, Village bills and Treasurer's reports updated
June 22,
Thank you to the sharp-eyed reader who noticed that the Board minutes had not been updated since August 2017.

Your overworked, but unpaid web admin took a rainy Friday afternoon to upload Board minutes, Village bills and Treasurer's reports from September 2017 thru May 2018 for your reading pleasure.

Thanx for letting us know that someone in the Village reads the webpage.

Reporting Stray Dogs and Cats
June 1,
If you wish to report a stray animal, please call the Viola Village Police first [309.596.4111] or e-mail Officer David Perry [].

It is best to start with our local officer as it costs the Village [and you] less to corral the animal than having the County Animal Control do it. Mercer County Animal Control charges a yearly membership fee AND a fee for each animal.

Your Village Board has decided to save the fees by handling the strays locally.

Of course, if this is an emergency and you cannot reach Officer Tom, please dial 911.

Village Board Meeting, Village Hall.
May 6,

Your regularly scheduled Village Board meets the first Monday of every month at 7pm, except when the Monday is a holiday.

The Water & Sewer Committee meets Wednesday -- 1 May, 6:30 pm -- at the Village Hall.

Come on up and watch your representatives in action.

Approved minutes from the Village Board meetings are contained in the Village Board Minutes album of the Photo Gallery

Downtown Viola: FINAL DURP Report
April 26,

The Village of Viola invites you to a special meeting

Friday, April 26, 1-3:30pm, Viola Village Hall

Hear the students of the University of Illinois Department of Urban and Regional Planning present their recommendations on the Rt.67-17 renovation project

See their revitalization plans for downtown Viola

Share your thoughts with members of the planning team, one on one

Viola Rt. 67/17 Downtown study

April 26,

A University of Illinois Planning Team and the Viola Village Board are conducting a study on what can be done with the Rt.67/17 downtown area of the Village.

The University of Illinois students who are tackling the Viola Project will make their FINAL report at the Village Hall on Friday, April 26 around 1 pm. This will be a question and answer session, so bring your questions.

Project Scope The Planning Team aims to produce a visionary and achievable strategy for utilization and ultimate redevelopment of the downtown properties currently owned by the Village of Viola. This future development will not occur overnight - it will require sustained and incremental work by Village leaders, residents, business owners, and community stakeholders to determine what the site will look like in the future. The Planning Team hopes to help facilitate this community based process through a focused visioning exercise of the next ten weeks.

The Planning Team envisions the project culminating in a Downtown Redevelopment Plan prepared by the planning team with input from Viola residents.

The Planning Team will provide the Village of Viola with a series of strategies and potential designs that can help residents realize the potential of their downtown.

Preparing this plan will require several steps, with community input occuring at various stages.

Plan on making your wishes for a greater Village known.

What's DURP?
April 26,
the Department of Urban and Regional Development and the Village are working together to revitalize the Crossroads of Rt.67 & 17. Your involvement is a necessary part of this effort. Plans for the project are in the Photo Album section of the website.

The University of Illinois students who are part of DURP have a facebook page where you can add your comments and suggestions.

Rt.67-17 reinvigoration project
April 26,
The University of Illinois project that is working with the Village to reinvigorate the Rt.67-17 area have a facebook page where you can add your comments and suggestions.

PayPal available for water bills
January 18,
Now you can pay your water bill with the convenience of PayPal.

The PayPal button on the main and Departments pages of the website is fully functional and waiting for you.

If you have questions about your water bill, the number to call is 309.596-2510.

Or you can send an eMail to
Mercer County Better Together
January 18,
Just what does Mercer County Better Together do for the Village of Viola?

Take a look at the MCBT 2018 annual report in the Photo Gallery to see how big a return the organization brings in.


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